3D Wood Maps Manufacturing by Enjoy The Wood

3D Wood Maps Manufacturing by Enjoy The Wood

When it comes to Enjoy The Wood manufacturing, it’s not just about in-house production. It’s about crafting a memorable customer experience that embodies comfort, elegance, and a chill vibe. We’re not just providers of the woodwork; we adopt a special, up-to-date approach that allows us to see every other project in every facet, apply tech innovations, and provide our customers with design-for-all options.
Although everything – from starting a woodworking business to organizing and managing PR campaigns – happens behind the scenes, we’ll give you a sneak peek at the wood product manufacturing routine. As home décor enthusiasts, we find joy in sharing our passion by walking you through the manufacturing – from product development and production to the moment you buy world map, which finds purpose in your home. Let's get to it then.

Wood Product Manufacturing Process

Custom wood manufacturing is an art that requires craftsmanship, skills, and commitment, as well as knowledge of materials and the latest techniques, each allowing for faster production and supreme quality decorations.

1. Materials for 3D Wooden Maps Manufacturing

Before Enjoy The Wood products become that very adventurous twist in your interior, they undergo the process of transforming raw bits of wood into larger products satisfying your wanderlust. Typically, this routine involves planning, shaping, engraving, coloring, finishing, and other steps depending on the type of the end décor. We use only top-quality materials, such as birch plywood, fiberboard, and solid wood (wenge, padauk, walnut, ash, oak). To ensure wooden decorative items fit the intended use, we check whether the materials' quality is maintained. Always.

wooden decorative items

2. Making Decorative Items from Wood

Once we’re done with a detailed review and selection of material, machine equipment comes into the scene. Based on the prepared layout, the device inscribes logos, text, graphics, and images on a wooden surface. They say perfect does not exist, but we bust that myth at our company by providing perfectly precise engraving marks.

handmade wood decor

3. Color of Wood

To bring out the beauty of natural shades of 3D wood maps, we use oil-wax-based paint. It slightly tints the handmade wood decor the desired color while keeping the unique texture untouched. As for world maps colored style, our craftsmen use special equipment to paint all items according to the personal color preferences of the most demanding customers. We broadened our color palette to match the whole diversity of tastes. As for our 3D solid wooden world map, we apply mineral oil to every piece to retain its natural appearance and protect the map from wear and tear.

colored wooden map

4. Handmade

Once the map has been cut to size, dedicated woodworkers manually check the quality of every detail. This stage is crucial to ensure the wall decor made of wood is free from rough edges, splinters, or any other defects.  
The personalized feeling our custom wooden products liberate results from handcrafting by Ukrainian wood wizards. In contrast to mass-produced items, our absolute bestseller – a multilayered wood world map – is an aesthetically pleasing and hand-assembled décor. We are really proud of the product’s release because its ideal relief is the result of the painstaking work of the whole creative team.

custom wooden products

5. Packaging of Wall Decor Made of Wood

Of course, you can shop for earth-friendly wall art at your local wooden map store. But this means you’re missing an opportunity to enjoy a thoughtful packaging routine. With every piece perfectly packaged in a box, we exert every effort to deliver your purchase on time at best. To contribute to your shopping experience with us, we pack and wrap the trickiest items separately. It keeps them extra safe.

wood art ideas

Interesting Facts about Wooden Maps Manufacturing

In both artwork and architecture, wood has been an essential part since the dawn of time. From the Trojan Horse used by ancient Greeks to get into the city of Troy to the coffee table, you keep your Vogues and Cosmopolitans on, wood art ideas never seem to cease. Considering having some wood décor at home? Or, perhaps, your place is already an oasis of handmade pieces from our shop? Let’s see how well you know the company virtuously dealing with the eldest material known by humans.

Yes, we enjoy the wood. It is our passion that solidly stands behind everything we do. From preserving the environment to handcrafting works of art to beautify your home, we do our best to make something that will wow your guests and envelope them with soothing vibes. Our products are made to last so as (we hope) our relationship with valued customers.

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