2D Cork Triptych World Map Black

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Color: Ocean
Size: M (28″x44")


Style: no Frame


Incorporating a triptych world map into a home interior will give you a room that is perfect for lively gatherings or a quiet conversation. Since triptychs come in threes, the cork world map has a great visual appeal – deep and meaningful – with ongoing color transitions.

Place a modern or vintage world map triptych above your sofa in a living room, a cozy armchair in a home library, or a desk in an office to give the eyes a spot to rest. Crafted from three panels that fit together seamlessly, the cork map of the world is a great Birthday, Christmas, Housewarming, or any other occasion gift.

The soft black color of the cork world map with pins makes it more elegant and sophisticated in ways you’d never achieve with lighter shades.

Ideal for entertaining or unwinding solo, the map is made of earth-friendly materials that stand the test of time. A sweet spot to remind that there’s so much more to see!

There are 2 sizes available for you:

M 71x112 cm (28x44")     L 93,5x160 сm (37″x63")

Frame width 3.5 cm, material wooden profile

PLEASE NOTE: The map is not a geographical one, some smaller countries and islands may be omitted. Each Map is unique and shades vary because it's made of natural wood.