3 in 1 Montessori Climbing Set: Pikler Triangle + Sliding Ramp + Ladder

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It's time to take your child’s playtime to a new level! With a 3 piece Montessori climbing set, kids have fun, learn to be independent, share, and help others. Handcrafted according to the timeless Montessori principles by ChildUniverse, the set includes a pikler triangle, a sliding ramp, and a ladder.

All three elements offer unlimited possibilities to learn, entertain, and boost mental and physical health. Infuse the Montessori climbing set into any setting – nursery, playroom, living room, etc. – to let tots use it as a fortress, fairytale dragon to conquer, pirate ship, or a secret hiding place.

The benefits provided by the Montessori wood climbing set include, but are not limited to:

  • Eco-friendly materials used in the process of manufacture (beech, plywood);
  • Independent, safe, and autonomous play;
  • 100% support of critical developmental milestones (spatial awareness, balance, motor skills, coordination, etc.);
  • The strong sense of accomplishment that comes when the climbing is done that, in turn, boosts self-confidence;
  • Non-toxic paint brands are used to coat all the details;
  • A simple way to keep kids occupied for hours and off-screen!
Get a pikler triangle set with a slide to provide your child's first baby gym and foster a love for physical activities and sports!