3D Luminous/Magnetic Colored Wooden World Map Azure

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Size: M (24″x 39″)


Option: Magnetic


Style: Blank (no names & border)


Are you tired of paintings and photo frames that seem to be there for ages? It’s time to bring some adventurous mood and calm vibes into your interior! Our lighted world maps will look equally inspiring and elegant in an industrial, contemporary, transitional, minimalistic, or any other design.

The 3D map is available in different options:

Blank Map (only Map, names and borders NOT printed);

Prime+ ( Map with names, borders, rivers, lakes +mountains printed);

For those homeowners who happen to be keen travelers, a 3D luminous map provides a great opportunity to show off their passion. The bright colors of the map from the Azure collection will bring your room to life and demonstrate all the routes you’ve managed to conquer. Needless to say, the item will become a fantastic conversation starter.

Luminous woodwork is gaining in popularity for its magical glow. It stores energy during the daytime and gives it away in the form of mesmerizing glow. The best thing is that the decoration is modern and trendy, and it always stays in style.

Mind that the map can’t be used for geography lessons since some small islands and countries are omitted. However, it brings educational benefits into the home classroom with glowing continents within hand reach.

 If you’re looking for inspiration to embark on an adventure to explore the world, look no further! Mount the large magnetic map of the world and get a pack of pins to track the places you’d like to visit or the ones you left your heart at.

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