3D Wooden Triptych World Map Terra

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Color: Ocean
Size: M (28″x44")


The wood-carved triptych wall art horizontal and compact will perfectly complement the rest of your décor. Whether you’re looking to add a strong sense of comfort to the room or display your wanderlust soul, the map will do the job.

Feel free to hang the series of the world photos in rooms where a pinch of personality should be added. Is it over the bed to brighten up the space? Or perhaps, you think it would look good over a fireplace? Believe it or not, our triptychs look equally good in dining rooms and…bathrooms!

If you live in a small room, add a strong center of gravity to make the space feel large.

Mount the triptych using our instructions. The process is fast and relatively simple.

There are 2 sizes available for you: M 71x112 cm (28x44"), L 93,5x160 сm (37″x63")

PLEASE NOTE: The map is not a geographical one, some smaller countries and islands may be omitted. Each Map is unique and shades vary because it's made of natural wood.