3D Wooden World Map Nordik

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Size: S (14'x20')


Style: Blank (no names & border)


Looking for a fresh alternative to a framed photo or painting? A colorful map of world on wood makes a great one!

Cold at first glance, the Nordik palette successfully brings any room to life. Feel free to get a 3D colored world map for a bedroom, living room, kid’s room, hall, study room, or a lifeless office that you’d like to add a bit of life to the surroundings and create an ambiance that is fun and colorful.

The 3D map is available in different options:

Blank Map (only Map, names and borders NOT printed);

Prime ( Map with names, borders, rivers, lakes printed);

Prime+ ( Map with names, borders, rivers, lakes +mountains printed);

The world map is just the right thing to gift to someone passionate about traveling! Or, perhaps, you seek a special something for anyone who just moved into a new apartment? A new place is worth celebrating, and handcrafted decor will be the icing on the cake.

The piece of décor gives a trendy and homey look to any interior – from modern and classic to rustic or beach style. The cool colors of the Nordik map lend a sense of tranquility and relaxation to the mood of your space while being 100% eye-friendly. Since some smaller countries and islands may be omitted, the map can't be used as a geography tool.

Assemble it by using sticky tape and the instructions provided in a set. The process is fast and easy (no extra help required!).

For more information on map sizes, refer the Size Guide page