3D Wooden World Map Onyx

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Size: M (24"x 39")


Style: Blank (no names & border)


Elevate your space with a 3D Wooden World Map in the soothing Onyx color. This warm, earthy palette, reminiscent of sandy dunes and sun-kissed landscapes, is perfect for creating a cozy ambiance in your living room or den. Let your walls tell the story of your wanderlust as you explore the world from the comfort of your home with this unique map design.

The 3D map is available in different options:

Blank Map (only Map, names and borders NOT printed);

Prime+ ( Map with names, borders, rivers, lakes +mountains printed);

You'll discover many intricate details within the map's design, including country names and boundaries, capital cities, urban centers, rivers, lakes, and mountain ranges. Some smaller islands and nations have been excluded from design, making them unsuitable for educational purposes. To unify your wooden world map in colors, be sure to add these wooden location pins to your cart.

You'll be pleasantly surprised by how efficiently you can assemble this colorful map of the world, as it typically takes only 1-2 hours. With Enjoy The Wood's user-friendly instructions and the handy sticky tape included, you'll have the task mastered in no time.

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