Acrylic City Plan Rhombus

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Size: M


Style: 1 Plan


Color: White

Acrylic-based city maps were made to adorn any interior – from clean and rectilinear Scandinavian to ubiquitous boho and the most casual industrial. Besides, they will look equally en vogue in a dining room, living room, study room, or office.

Every map is handcrafted from natural and non-toxic materials to make your home more eco-friendly.

Add your personalization to the product! Is there a special place you left your heart at? Let us know the location name, and we’ll transfer it to a wooden canvas with the tiniest details to make it real-like.


M   1 plan (17x16,3 cm), 2 plans (17x28,5 cm), 3 plans (17x40,8 cm) 

   1 plan (25x24 cm), 2 plans (25x42 cm), 3 plans (25x60 cm)

XL   1 plan (32x30,7 cm), 2 plans (32x32,7 cm), 3 plans (32x76,8 cm)

Choose the product color map or add your personalization to as well immortalize special memories translate best wishes someone into text.

Everything you are going need hang city comes package.