Biting Toy for Cats

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Color: Oak

If you’re looking for alternatives to your sofa or plants during a cat’s midnight crazies, CatsMode's cat biting toys are the answer. Durable and made of earth-friendly pine, the biting toy for cats is a great option for multi-cat families.

The wooden base has many sticks that become an enticing distraction for an active kitty. Besides, cat toys for biting are coated with finishing oils. They penetrate wood deeply and make it resistant to time and use. The toys for cats that like to bite are quality and premium products that are safe for pets and indoor use. If the sticks get chewed up, simply remove them and replace them with new ones (can be ordered from us!).

If you purchase a cat toy for biting as a gift for a cat person, don’t forget to personalize it with their cat’s name. We recommend combining it with cat walkways on walls and wall mounted cat stairs.