Bundle: Flags and Sightseeings Pins

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Modern homeowners have a chance to change their surroundings in all possible ways, and we’re here to help them along the way. This 2 piece wall decor set was made to finish the travel-inspired interior. If you’re a happy owner of a world map, our cute flag and sightseeing pins will help you display items that mean something. Photos from previous journeys, the places you dream about visiting one day, or faraway lands where family members happen to live – push-pin them all to the map surface!

287 flags and 16 sightseeing (Pisa Tower, Big Ben, Pyramids, and many more!) pins are provided with every purchase. Since our mission is to make any place comfortable and safe for its owners, we design our products to fit any interior or color palette of the indoor space. So you don’t have to worry when an occasion to give a gift to loved ones comes. If they are into traveling, the wall decor bundle will prove that you have put some thought into their gift! Not only will you provide them with something unique and memorable, but you’ll also show the I-care-for-you attitude that is priceless.