Cat Chewing Toy

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Color: Light

Naturally, nocturnal creatures felines need to satisfy their instincts to move and play while you’re asleep. With CatsMode cat chewing toys, your furry buddy will be quietly busy while also improving their dental health. Handcrafted from earth-friendly pine wood, it is coated with oil to guarantee a high wear resistance of the material.

Your cat is welcome to chew the sticks that will keep the curious pet interested for hours while your sofa is safe from fluffy invasions. If your vet recommended cat toys to prevent chewing, this is it! The chewy toys for cats help promote positive habits for little kittens and adult cats. We’re thrilled to inform you that all sticks in the cat toys for chewing can be replaced once the Whiskas predator chews them up.

All chewing cat toys can be personalized with the pet’s name and presented as a gift for any occasion for the cat parent in your life. We highly recommend combining it with a hexagon cat house and a curve wall-mounted cat bed.