Cat Climbing Wall Shelves White

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Color: White

Help your lovely feline release its energy without leaving the comfort of your home! Our cat climbing shelf makes indoor hunting, climbing, exploring, and other spontaneous acts more adventurous. Order 3, 2, or just 1 cat climbing shelf wall mounted in various colors to fit it into your interior and help felines burn their energy and reduce anxiety.

We recommend mixing it with a cat bed on the wall, wall bridges, and wooden cat stairs to give your kitty cat more freedom to explore and play without taking up limited room space. The best thing about an indoor set is that your cat gets its chase-and-hunt drive activated while you avoid the “joy” of receiving dead mice as a gift.

Made of eco-friendly materials, cat climbing wall shelves are safe for you and your pet. Plus, wall shelves for cats to climb will become the best present for cat lovers.