Cat Hammock Bed

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Wood Color: Dark Walnut

Wood Color

Hammock color: Charcoal

Hammock color

Take catnapping, playing, and preying to the next level with our cat hammock bed! When cats doze off on it, they’re feeling safe while keeping an eye on their territory. Just like the small cat house indoor from CatsMode collection, the cat hammock bed can be installed on any sturdy wall, saving much space in a small room.

We recommend mounting the hammock bed for cats in tandem with our wall cat walk to create a feline’s wonderland on the wall. Each hammock cat bed is available in 5 different colors with beige and dark gray cloths. It fits any interior, from minimalistic to industrial and modern. The best thing is that they help keep kitties physically healthy and active, just like a durable cat toy does.

Jumping and climbing on the cat bed hammock also helps prevent destructive behavior and keeps your pet entertained and mentally stimulated. Choose between a range of colors to provide your mouser with a space of their own and add a cat-themed décor to the living room, balcony, bedroom, etc.