Cat Hammock Shelf

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Wood Color: Dark Walnut

Wood Color

Hammock color: Charcoal

Hammock color

With our cat shelf hammock, lounging becomes even more comfortable! Created to give your feline comfort and safety without taking up horizontal space, they also give them a comfy spot to observe the territory.

Together with a wall mounted cat bed, it turns into a wall Disneyland for fluffy friends. With wall mounted cat steps installed as well, you provide your pet with an exciting space to explore, play, and prey.

The cat hammock shelf is available in 5 colors with 3 types of cloths (beige and dark gray), each working well for any interior. The hammock can be installed on any sturdy wall so your cat can safely climb and jump onto it. Providing felines with this type of lounging area of their own can help combat anxiety and stress just like a biting toy for cat does. Plus, the cat hammock shelf is an excellent gift for cat owners and a conversation starter once guests drop by.