Cat Hexagon Shelf Dark Walnut

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Let your fluffy buddy climb these durable honeycombs instead of your curtains! We know the problems most cat owners have (lack of space for felines to climb, explore, or hunt), so we have these hexagonal wall shelves designed based on your pet’s unique nature. Crafted in a range of colors, the hexagons perfectly fit all interiors. Besides, a CatsMode cat hexagon shelf makes an ideal gift for feline fans in your life.

Tailored to the needs of toms, the shelves become a space your little buddy can call their own, especially if you own more than one animal. You’re welcome to order 1, 2, or 3 cat shelves hexagon-shaped, each equipped with thick and comfy felt and customized with a unique design.

Exquisitely crafted, the honeycombs go together with wall bridges, pillows, and wall steps for cats – a win-win option for every cat person!