Cat Wall Hammock

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Wood Color: Dark Walnut

Wood Color

Hammock color: Charcoal

Hammock color

Meet a purr-fect addition to your feline-friendly space – a cat wall hammock designed to make catnaps and birdwatching more exciting. The cat hammock for wall is designed to create a flexible, safe, and sturdy surface for a furry buddy to lounge, sleep, and traverse across.

Our palette includes 5 eye-friendly and neutral colors to fit any interior. The wall mounted cat hammock has a thick cloth that is available in two colors (beige and dark gray) and stretches well to form your mouser’s body and let them rest comfortably. We craft every wall cat hammock so that it can be easily installed on any sturdy wall and withstand the weight of your pet.

In tandem with a cat wall house, it becomes a great option for owners who live in small spaces. At CatsMode, we know that owners prefer space-saving and versatile options. That’s why we design every cat wall bridge or hammock so they don’t take up floor space. Together with cat toys to chew on, wall beds, and other accessories, our cat wall hammocks will become cute and practical gifts for cat parents.