Cat Wood Bridge Dark Walnut

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Color: Dark Walnut

How about building a superhighway for felines? With the CatsMode wooden cat bridge, your indoor predator will explore, exercise, and play. It lets their inner hunter out and safely interact with other pets at home. And all this is without interrupting your daily routine! The wood and rope cat bridge has a stair at the starting/ending point covered with felt to help fuzzy and furry friends feel more comfortable.

Each bridge is 48,8 inches long, enough to enjoy the indoor wildlife yet only takes up a little wall space (and none on the floor!). The cat wood bridge can be crafted in various shades, so you’ll find something aesthetically pleasing in your interior. Combine it with a CatsMode cat bed on the wall and a sleeping cat pillow.

Finally, wood and rope cat bridge and walk will keep kitties out of reach of toddlers and dogs. Priceless!