Dinosaurs wall hooks

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Color: light
Type: Dinosaurs Set


If there’s a list of classy designs for kid’s furniture, dinosaurs 100% top it. Handcrafted with a child’s safety in mind, these charming pre-historic buddies will become a suitable addition to a girl’s and boy’s bedroom. A whimsical set of dinosaurs wall hooks have a simple style yet elegant look, which makes them a nice piece of décor for a nursery, bedroom, or playroom. Kids wall hooks have smoothed edges that won’t harm the sensitive hands of little owners. With a built-in fixing screw, you don’t need any extra help to attach the cute t-rexes to the wall. In addition to being decorative wall hooks for the nursery, the guys from Jurassic Park are sure to get the attention of anyone you gift them to! Whether you’re looking for a Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other special occasion present, dinosaur wall hooks will guarantee the wow moment.