Floor Cat Hammock

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Wood Color: Dark Walnut

Wood Color

Hammock color: Charcoal

Hammock color

Add a pinch of luxury to your feline’s routine with floor cat hammock from CatsMode! Comfy, durable, and eco-friendly, our cat hammock floor or wall-mounted provides its fluffy owner with a strong feeling of security and an enriched environment.

The cat floor hammock is easy to move if needed. Plus, it’s available in 5 colors with beige or dark gray cloth, so you are sure to choose the best option that creates a comfy space to relax and fits your interior.

While climbing and jumping instincts are easily satisfied with wall cat steps or a lounging cat bed on wall, the floor cat hammock with stand is great for cold weather snuggling. Plus, if you’re looking for a useful present for a cat parent, it will become an excellent gift in tandem with cat chewing toys from CatsMode.