Hexagon Cat House

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Adorably Instagrammable, the CatsMode hexagon cat house will become a perfect spot for your feline to hide, rest, and recharge. The furry hunter can fit entirely within the house and stay away from the noisy crowd. You’re welcome to order the piece equipped with a window or provide 100% privacy in a closed hexagon for your tomcat.

Looking for an ideal place for your feline to doze up high? Cat hexagons can be attached to the wall without occupying the floor space. Cat feeding bowls on the stand will come in the package upon your request.

Personalizing a hexagon cat bed with your pet’s name, picture, or phrase that best describes your feline’s character is possible. Available in 5 colors to fit any interior design. Take care of your pet's comfort by adding a Cats Mode pillow for cats to the order.