Indestructible Cat Toy

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Color: Black

Made with all-natural 100% organic pine, durable cat toys are an excellent way to keep felines entertained while their teeth and gums healthy and clean. The so-called indestructible cat toys promote safe play and exercise in indoor felines who don’t move enough. At the same time, all the cables, flowers, and furniture are safe while mousers are busy chewing sticks that the board is equipped with.

The durable cat toy relieves stress while also inducing a state of relaxation in felines. Although the board is from the indestructible cat toys category, your tomcat will chew up those sticks one day. It’s OK! Order a new pack of sticks and attach them to the board.

If you are looking for a gift for a cat person that will not only please but also surprise them, CatsMode's durable cat toy will be a hit on any special occasion. You can order cat shelves hexagon and climbing steps on wall for cats as well.