Kid's Wall Map Khaki

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Color: Khaki

Born with a natural enthusiasm for discovery, toddlers must constantly be encouraged to learn and seek new experiences. Interactive wall map for kids from ChildUniverse is the all-in-one option:

  • A fun way to introduce geography into toddler’s routines;
  • Keeps kiddos off-screen;
  • Boosts the innate desire to understand the world around them and travel it one day.

Crafted in the single L size, the large wall map for kids fits any interior and room, from a small nursery and bedroom to an airy playroom.

The interaction with the kid's wall map is simple: toddlers stick the countries on the canvas using cute flag stickers while learning the locations. Mind that the kid's world map wall art includes no countries’ names. Each region is uniquely colored. The general Khaki theme of the map is eye-friendly, while all the flag stickers are 100% safe. Through interactive play, toddlers hone their logical skills, become more observant and curious about geography, as well as have a strong sense of accomplishment as the flag stickers reach the correct location.

Shopping for a little one? The interactive wall map for kids from ChildUnvierse is a valuable and incredible gift for toddlers for Christmas, birthdays, or other holidays.