Kid's Wooden Stepping Stool

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Color: Natural

Toddlers get more and more curious as they grow! Foster their natural urge to explore with the help of a cute kids' step stool from ChildUniverse. Crafted from plywood, a parent or caregiver can quickly assemble the kid's step stool. Pick one of the 6 colors available for a nursery step stool and make it part of the kid’s routine. It allows tots to see the areas they can’t reach otherwise. What’s more, they can access them themselves! Under your supervision, of course. From checking what adults are busy with on the kitchen worktop to brushing their teeth, little ones can explore their surroundings and have a vital sense of belonging. The toddler step stool for a sink is durable and stable, so your little pumpkin will have a 100% safe playtime.

Developmental benefits of kids' wooden stepping stool:

  • Fosters confidence; Strengthens muscles;
  • Cultivates independence;
  • Promotes problem-solving, creative, and critical thinking skills;
  • Helps learn to balance;
  • Hones hand-eye coordination, etc.
Wooden step stool for kids from ChildUniverse is a stylish, cute, and helpful gift for curious little ones while also being something the tot’s parents may like.