Large Rustic Wall Decor

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Size: M (24″x 39″)


Style: Blank (no names & border)


Decorating the home with inspirational wall art is a classic way to share your love for adventures with everyone around. You can go the conventional route with a giant globe or get a more voguish décor – we’re your one-stop shop for it all!

A large rustic wall decor works magic whether your living room is open-plan, compact, or shared – there’s vibrant and neutral wall art to suit. The large rustic wall decor for living room adds to the space and blends well with industrial, boho, transitional, or any other interior style.

The color palette of the setting doesn’t matter since our custom wall art with all the available map accessories will interplay with the shades in your room. You’ll love it!
Versatile and minimalist wall art brings interest into the room, initiates the most cheerful conversations, and makes the most sterile room more comfortable without overwhelming the eye. Plus, it’s an ideal gift literally for any occasion.

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