3D LED Wooden World Map 2.0

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Size: M (24"x 39")


Color: Multicolored

With a 3D Led World Map 2.0 mounted on one of your walls, you’ll not only have a beautiful piece of décor in a bedroom, nursery, living, or dining room (or elsewhere!), but you’ll have personal inspo for new adventures!

Crafted with eco-friendly materials (certified sustainable birch plywood and fiber wood), this Wooden World Map with LED is not just a stunning decoration but a travel planner and memory board. Easy to install in under 2 hours. The Map is available in several sizes and types and has an acrylic base. Some of the smaller islands don't have the acrylic base and backlight. Just stick them to the wall.

Illuminate your space with LED BACKLIGHT, controlled from your phone and the ETW app via a password-protected connection. Enjoy the RGB LED (Neon colors) option with 7 main modes, and don’t forget to check out the funky twinkle options. The lights are placed behind the continents. Change the color of continents in real-time to match your vibe.

In the box, find: Map pieces, Antarctica, ocean names, wooden planes, boats and compass, corner stencils, LED connecting elements, double-sided sticky tape, and anchors. The installation video guides you through the process. Suitable for 110V/220V, with EU/US electrical plugs. Perfect as a Birthday,Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Baby Shower gift, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Easy installation with double-sided sticky tape and anchors. Have fun putting it up solo or with family or friends. Light up your space with this 3D Wooden World Map LED 2.0, a wonderful combination of aesthetics, craftsmanship, and innovation.

Meet MORE strikingly beautiful features:

  • RGB LED (Neon colors) option. Lights glow in 7 different modes, so you can adjust both the ambiance and brightness of the light using our APP and your phone (ETW app). The connection is password-protected. The lights won’t work without this connection.

  • Works with 110V/220V. EU/US electrical plugs are available (plug left).Built-in backlights. The color of the continents can be changed in real-time.

  • Quick installation. The process takes not more than 2 hours. Check out the video with instructions to ease the process. To mount the piece, stick it to the wall using our special double-sticky tape (comes in a package!).
  • Remote mounting. Every map is provided with a set of special anchor bolts to mount it at a short distance from a wall (get a drill if you go for this option!). We recommend using the anchor bolts if your wall is not sufficiently sturdy/even or if you choose XL/XXL maps.
  • Acrylic background. The led 3D world map is ready to be placed on the wall. Some of the smaller islands don’t have the acrylic base and backlight. Just stick them to the wall.

Enjoy our new assortment of pushpins! Personalize your map to turn it into a unique and sophisticated trip planner.

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PLEASE NOTE: The map is not a geographical one; some smaller countries and islands may be omitted. Each Map is unique, and shades vary because it is made of natural wood.