Montessori Toy Shelf (USA only)

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Those looking for ways to organize a Montessori-friendly interior should consider incorporating our small Montessori toyshelf into the kid’s environment. This cute yet durable piece of furniture will help you make play more organized, independent, and safe (what a relief for mom and dad!). With a mix of ways of using it, the shelf is there to hold toys, books, nature items, and many other accessories your kiddo uses for regular pretend play.

To promote independence and make learning more accessible, ensure to display of all the at-home learning tools as well. Made of earth-friendly non-toxic materials (plywood), the low Montessori playshelf can be used to teach little room owners to respect their toys and embrace order. Small wooden Montessori toyshelf is child-size (based on the Montessori philosophies). Besides, a low Montessori toy shelf helps make the most of your space – the key to comfortable small-space living!