Nursery World Map Indigo

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Color: Indigo


The most curious babies later turn into the most curious toddlers. Help your pumpkin develop an innate desire to know the world around them!

The nursery world map from ChildUniverse is made to help you along the way. The animal world map for the nursery illustrates the borders of the countries (no names provided!), each labeled with a different color. Ask the little explorer to pin the countries on the animal world map baby nursery using the flag stickers that come in a package. Be there to guide them and have fun together!

More than just an educational tool, the world map nursery is a must-have because:

  • Develops children’s spatial reasoning skills; Serves as a cute piece of décor that fits all settings like nurseries, bedrooms, living rooms, kindergarten spaces, etc.;
  • Gets kids curious about traveling and plan it together (and develop their memory in the process!);
  • Doesn’t contain sharp or toxic materials, so it is 100% safe for toddlers;
  • Fosters the love for education;
  • Encourages children to ask questions (be there to answer all the why’s, where’s, and how’s!)
World map nursery decor from ChildUniverse is available in a single L size that is universal and compact for owners of both large spaces and small apartments. In addition to being an excellent geographical tool, the animal world map nursery is also a supreme decorative element. Time-tested and elegant, the map always stays in style and is one of the most accessible educational tools.