Play toy microwave

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Color: Natural

Kitchen pretend play gets more real! With this wooden microwave, little gourmets have more imaginative scenarios to explore in a fun way. Handcrafted from earth-friendly materials, this device is a must-have for a kitchen playset. The plan toy microwave is a safe tool to teach kiddies through entertaining activities.

There’s a variety of roles to choose from: children can be chefs in their own at-home restaurant, engage in bonding play with mom and dad, as well as develop social skills through lively interactions with little buddies.

Each play microwave for toddlers comes in a variety of colors. It is sustainable and equipped with a compact chalkboard – a durable surface for writing with chalk. There’s a cute little plate inside every kids toy microwave oven that suits children's play.

Looking for a Birthday, Thanksgiving, Easter, Hanukah, Baby Shower, or Christmas gift that is also good for the planet? The kitchen microwave successfully eases holiday shopping while making a difference in the world.