Small Cat Tower

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Color: Dark Walnut

See how our commitment to your cat’s comfort shines through in our cat tower for small spaces! Handcrafted from environmentally friendly plywood, it is equipped with twine, which is perfect for biting and claw scratching. Further emphasizing our dedication to durability, we equip every small cat tower with stairs, each made to stand the test of time and paws.

At the top of it, your mouser is sure to find a perfect lounge spot to have rest after a prey or an exciting time with a cat chewing toy. We provide a cute gift with every purchase – a soft pillow your tomcat will like to stretch on, with its tail curling and paws extended elegantly. The cat tower small will become a safe place to chill out and hide from other animals while observing the territory they own.

For more comfort, try to combine it with a wall mounted cat house from CatsMode collection. Every cat tower for small spaces is made in neutral colors, so it will 100% fit your interior. Suitable for heavy cats and as any occassion gift.