Cat House Stand

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Color: Dark walnut

Every cat needs a personal spot in the house — to rest, sleep and hide from the people, who’re always busy doing things. Cat life is different. It’s full of dreaming and eating, and our cozy Cat House is the perfect peaceful place dedicated to the former. A comfy and secure cat bed is available in 5 colors, so you can pick the one that will look cute in your interior and add a window or choose a wooden side panel with a cat face-shaped hole. Even more: you can order a personalized wooden panel for the House.

As an addition, you may get a special stand for a cat house with a feeder and scratcher from each side. More than comfortable to have one space for resting, getting food, and scratching. The size of the stand is 33.6’х В 6.1’х10.6’

With CatsMode your cat will always have a place to recharge its cat batteries and meet you with a happy meow at the door!
▪ Amazing apartment decor and attention spot in the house.
▪ Made of birch plywood with the optional acrylic window or personalizable wooden side panel
▪ Size of the hexagon is 20.7" х 18.3" х 13"  (52,6 х 46,5 х 33 cm).
▪ A great gift for yours or your friend’s cat
▪ Available in six colors to match your other pieces of CatsMode furniture and your interior
▪ Detailed instruction in the box.