Wall Mounted Cat House

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CatsMode wall cat house is crafted with love to offer your feline a spot to rest peacefully. Tired after a long day of hunting, exercising, and acting goofy, furry buddies can hide in a closed hexagon. Or, as an alternative, let them observe their kingdom from high above by ordering the cat wall house that comes with a window.

If there’s an extra room for a cat lounge zone, leave it on the floor. The wall-mounted cat house is ideal for small apartments. Combined with a big cat pillow for cats, floating cat shelf perch, and cat stairs for the wall, the place turns into a cat’s gym, sleeping, and hunting area. The piece can be attached with a stand and two bowls based on your request.

Pick one of the 5 colors available and personalize the cat house on the wall with your feline’s name, quote, or anything else to make it unique.