Wall Steps for Cats

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CatsMode wall-mounted cat steps are a win-win option for felines and their owners. In contrast to the floor furniture, they do not take up room space and fit harmoniously into any interior due to the simplistic design. Being high above their indoor kingdom, fur babies can watch, explore and relax in a safe and fun way. Upon your request, the items can be equipped with thick felt that will survive your pet's claws and make the cat steps on the wall comfier.

Mix steps with CatsMode honeycomb cat shelves, wall cat walk, and cat cushion pillows to create a freeway for fluffy inhabitants! Our wall steps for cats are available in 3 original designs, each crafted from earth-friendly materials. Besides, cat steps wall mounted and in tandem with other CatsMode furniture pieces will become a purrfect gift for someone who loves cats just like you!