Wedding Album Honeymoon

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Size: Large


Paper: Creamy White Paper


You can use this wonderful wooden notebook as a photo album, wedding album, guest book, wish book, keepsake book, and honeymoon book. An unforgettable gift for the special person for any occasion. You can attach photos, or use it as a scrapbook! Time flies by with incredible speed and having memories safely kept in one place is so important.


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  • Creamy White Paper
  • Craft Paper
  • Black Paper
  • Creamy White Cardboard
  • Black Cardboard
  • Red Cardboard


    Includes 60 sheets or 35 sheets of cardboard
    16 cm  (6,3 in) x 27 cm (10.63 in)
    Includes 60 sheets or 35 sheets of cardboard
    23,6 cm (9,3 in) x 34,5 cm (13.58 in)


- Gift: white marker for black paper and cardboard, black marker for paper and         cardboard of other colors
- We offer 3 different types of paper and 3 different types of cardboard
- FREE personalization
- High quality hardware
- Thick paper and cardboard

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