Button wall hooks

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Color: light
Type: Simple CIrcle


Practical and pretty, wood wall hooks are a must-have in a modern kid’s room. Perfect for displaying their favorite outfits, medals, bags, and other stuff kiddos tend to cherish, button wall hooks are also about style. Having unique grains, knots, and tones, wood makes an elegant accent to the boy’s or girl’s nursery (it’s gender-neutral!). At the same time, button wall nursery hooks will look equally good in a playroom, bedroom, or any other place that you’d like to make absolutely child-friendly. Well-made from solid wood, button wall hooks are safe for a little buddy. They aid in the development of physical and teach kids the importance of keeping their belongings in order (the skills that are necessary for later life!). Wooden circle wall hooks will gladden every giftee on a Christmas, Birthday, Thanksgiving, or any other memorable event. Or, perhaps, you’re looking for a special something for a mom-to-be? Now you know what to put in a gift box!