Wooden Cat Shelf Oak

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What is a CatsMode wooden cat shelf about? Comfort, quality, and freedom – all together needed for your feline to live its life to the fullest. A comfy honeycomb is a perfect way to engage your kitten’s instincts while providing them with space that’s theirs exclusively.

Our wooden cat wall shelves are great for getting furry fellas into their natural routine, where they can jump, hunt, hide, and climb. The hexagons can be customized in various shades based on your design preferences (geometrical, cat’s paws, feline silhouette).

The wood cat shelf never breaks the general design idea, so that you can integrate it in any setting. Don’t forget to add a thick felt to make it comfier for a kitty cat, and pair it with our bridges, pillows, or wooden cat stairs. Being incredibly aesthetically pleasing, the wood cat shelves make an excellent gift for a cat person.