Wooden Cat Tree

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Size: Small


Color: Dark Walnut

At CatsMode, we’re passionate about providing cat parents with the very best products! Crafted from plywood, twine, and felt, our wooden cat tree is an eco- and feline-friendly piece of furniture.

One of the eye-catching elements of the wood cat tree is the column that is wrapped with a durable twine. It’s the favorite part of the mousers because that’s where they have all the freedom to scratch and bite. In addition to the manicure spot, the cat tree wood is equipped with the stairs.

They’re soft enough for the fluffy paws as they move up to the top, where we provide a comfy couch. The construction is stable and sturdy. The simple shape and sleek design of a natural wood cat tree make it an excellent addition to any room without violating the colors of the interior. Together with accessories like a wooden cat shelf or wall steps for cats, our cat tree will become a lovely present for a cat person in your life. The pillow comes as a gift.