Wooden Play Kitchen Dishes

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Every play should be safe, imaginative, and stimulate creativity. Our play kitchen dishes set is a great way to encourage kids to try different roles and keep them occupied…for long!

Hosting a dinner party, pretending to be a MasterChef at a fancy restaurant, or organizing a real cooking competition is always more exciting and fun with the right accessories at hand. Through trying various roles while using our wooden play kitchen dishes, kiddos have a chance to experiment and express their creativity without parental involvement.

We ensure that our products are not only aesthetically appealing but useful as well. Recognizing objects is something tots learn as they engage in fun kitchen play. All culinary items from our collection are also a great way to boost the development of fine motor skills, as well as planning and organization abilities. Besides, they help build happy relationships with game pals. Toddler play dish sets are 100% safe for a little cook! Crafted from alder and coated with a certified non-toxic oil finish, children play dishes are eco-friendly. With a smooth and pleasant-to-the-touch surface, all the items in a set won’t harm the sensitive hands of a little one.

The set includes:

- 2 flat plates

- 2 cups

- 1 large saucepan

- 1 frying pan

- 2 forks

- 2 spoons

- 2 knives to eat

- 1 spatula with holes

- 1 spatula without holes

- 1 salt shaker

- 1 pepper pot

This kitchen essentials list has everything needed to keep kiddos well-equipped as they start their imaginative culinary journey.